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Alison B. Costa, M.A., MFT, E-RYT (500) : Founder, President CreativeMedicineColiective

Alison B. Costa, M.A., MFT, E-RYT (500)

Founder, President CreativeMedicineColiective

(415) 442-7907


Specializing in mental health, personal growth and recovery since 1992, Alison's integrative psychotherapy practice (in San Anselmo and San Francisco) utilizes both traditional (clinical) and transpersonal psychotherapy modalities. Her additional certifications in Yoga Therapy and Life Coaching add a unique blend of expertise to her sessions. Working with individuals, couples and groups, she engages a holistic approach towards Body – Mind – Spirit wellness with the goal of restoring work-life balance, interpersonal connections or inner harmony. In session, she may include talk therapy, body centered awareness, yoga, meditation, or mindfulness practices as a way to guide individuals towards a deeper daily life practice. Among some issues she treats include: Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, PTSD, Panic Disorder, Codependence, Couples Communication, Life Transitions, Loss and Grief. She also produces Women in Discovery Salons (see www.recoveryourspirit.com/women-in-discovery-salons/)

Charity Miller, Secretary, Founding Member : Certified Aromatherapist, CMT, Reiki Master

Charity Miller, Secretary, Founding Member

Certified Aromatherapist, CMT, Reiki Master

(415) 225-8636


Charity Miller CMP, Reiki Master, Certified Aromatherapist; offers somatic therapies, with over 10 years' experience. She combines her skills with ease and grace, offering simple body-centered sessions as well as Energy Balancing, for subtle body healings, custom aromatherapy work and botanical perfumes. She works with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Her office is in Kentfield, CA, in Marin County.

Rebecca Bowler, Treasurer, Founding Member : Rebecca Bowler Healing Arts, Esalen-certified Massage Therapy

Rebecca Bowler, Treasurer, Founding Member

Rebecca Bowler Healing Arts, Esalen-certified Massage Therapy

(917) 687-6821


In practice since 1994, Esalen Massage® Therapist Rebecca Bowler brings years of expertise to her gift of touch and presence. In addition to bodywork, Rebecca is an Independent Sales Rep for the Spa, Resort, Hotel and Wellness industry. She is the former Managing Editor at Underwood Books and a RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) Associate and RIE Alliance member. Rebecca’s background includes a BA in Fine Arts from St. Olaf College, extensive travel and years of Continuum, yoga and dance.

Forest Franken M.A., M.F.A., BC-DMT, By-Laws Committee Chair, Founding Member :  Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Trained Authentic Movement Facilitator

Forest Franken M.A., M.F.A., BC-DMT, By-Laws Committee Chair, Founding Member

Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Trained Authentic Movement Facilitator

(415) 320-0177

Forest Franken is a board-certified dance/movement therapist (BC-DMT #941), a faculty member of The Center for Movement Education and Research (CMER), and a highly trained practitioner of the discipline of Authentic Movement. She received both her M.A. in dance/movement therapy (1995) and her M.F.A. in choreography (2003) from UCLA. Since moving to the bay area in 1998, she has worked as a dance/movement therapist in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, intensive outpatient programs, and rehabilitation facilities, including UCSF/Langley Porter where, as inpatient supervisor to chaplain interns, she explored the integration of spirituality, dance/movement therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy, and as facilitator of pain management groups, focused on the applications of dance/movement therapy and Authentic Movement principles with individuals navigating the challenges of living with chronic pain. Her current focus involves the exploration of Authentic Movement as a vehicle for creative work, for containing and expressing life changes/losses related to the body, and for spiritual/contemplative practice.

Our Members

Eve Bernstein dc cas : Transformational Medicine, Chiropractic  Yoga, Ayurveda,  Whole Food Supplementation

Eve Bernstein dc cas

Transformational Medicine, Chiropractic Yoga, Ayurveda, Whole Food Supplementation

(415) 272-9513


A lifelong love of dance led me to extensive training in Chiropractic, Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga instruction and Whole Food Supplementation. I have learned that by moving in alignment and pursuing the lifestyle that is right for the individual, we can limit disease. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and training to treat a wide variety of conditions and guide patients on their path to optimal health. It was during my training to become a yoga instructor in 2006 that I discovered the “science of life,” Ayurveda. In 2013, I became a Certified Ayurveda Specialist, the highest level of achievement in the U.S. Since that time I have completed advanced training in clinical nutrition with an emphasis on Whole Food Nutrition and Herbology, (both Western and Ayurvedic). I have been in private practice for over 28 years in San Francisco, and Marin County, have 3 kids and still enjoy dance, yoga and biking on Tam.

Kishi Fuller : Radiant Life Therapy

Kishi Fuller

Radiant Life Therapy

(415) 744-1994


Kishi Fuller is a licensed marriage and family therapist, clinical supervisor and shamanic practitioner. She has been involved in the healing arts for the past 12 years. She is passionate about helping others create deep and meaningful change. In her psychotherapy practice, Kishi helps her clients move through difficult transitions. Difficult times cause us to question what’s important. These transitions, however difficult, can create openings for more meaning, depth, authenticity, and joy. Kishi specializes in working with transitions and change, job stress, anxiety, depression, divorce, early childhood wounding, motherhood/fatherhood, and relationships.

Padma Gordon, M.Ed. : Psychospiritual Counselor, Movement Educator, Hypnotherapist

Padma Gordon, M.Ed.

Psychospiritual Counselor, Movement Educator, Hypnotherapist

(415) 215-2849


Padma Gordon is a Psychospiritual Counselor who guides others to deepen their connection to body, heart and soul. She teaches about life, love and relating through what she calls The Responsive Body. People come to work with Padma when they are at a critical crossroads like: getting divorced, wanting a more meaningful career, facing an illness or death in the family or simply searching for deeper meaning in their life. Padma assists them to turn toward what they are experiencing so that they can create movement in their lives. Padma helps people get unstuck so that they can thrive!

She does this through contemplative movement practices, mindfulness, somatically oriented Gestalt, self-inquiry and radical truth telling. She works with individuals, couples and groups teaching them new ways to listen to the body and quiet the mind. In this way they cultivate clarity, align more fully with themselves and live truly satisfying, engaged and inspired lives. Padma also teaches classes and workshops that are both playful and catalyze essential growth. She has had a profound impact on everyone she has worked with.

Debra Jean Magnani : Akashic and Energy Certified Consultant

Debra Jean Magnani

Akashic and Energy Certified Consultant

Debra Jean Magnani,  Akashic and Energy Certified Consultant practicing 4 years. As an Akashic Consultant, she will open the records to your soul and assist in matters of the heart, family, career and past life experiences that may come through in this lifetime. As an Energy Consultant, she works with clearing your Aura, Chakras, Meridians, Entities and balancing the Chi in your body.  She also offers Environmental clearings of offices, homes and property. These clearings also important to clear out unwanted energies and balancing the Chi. She works out of her home in Mill Valley, CA.

Julie Neustadter :

Julie Neustadter

(415) 717-3578

essentiallydelightfuljulie@gmail.com (Essential Oils)

Biodanza Facilitator, (an exhilarating, playful, fun profoundly nurturing system of personal Transformation thought movement music and connection)

Certified Aroma Touch Practioner (A Therapeutic application of essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet that helps balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress, and toxins in the body and fortifying the immune system.

Essential Oils Wellness Educator

In Julie’s has an exceptional gift for helping people find their inner light and joy. In Biodanza and Aroma Touch sessions Julie opens a connection to the essence of ones true self, holding a safe space for people to truly to wake up and shine their brightest. She is a gifted teacher and her enthusiasm about essential oils has empowered many to be healers in their own homes.

Julie has a studied has a BA in Psychology from UCSC, Is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, She has studied at the San Francisco and Montreal School of Biodanza, with Anna Halprin, and facilitated Biodanza for Dance 4 Healing with cancer patients.

Elise Osner : 203 Scenic Ave San Anselmo, 94960

Elise Osner

203 Scenic Ave San Anselmo, 94960

(415) 295-7367

Elise Osner CHom. is a homeopath working in San Anselmo and Fairfax. With a degree from Pacific Academy of Homeopathy and extensive training from the Hahnemann Institut Nederland in addition to her BA in Social Psychology from UC Berkeley, Elise brings together multiple healing modalities to help bring her clients deep healing.

Elise has a wide ranging practice, from children with ADHD, allergies and developmental problems to helping women through menopause. Homeopathy is a holistic practice, so her approach addresses both physical and mental/emotional issues. Elise has helped men and women with issues such as heart palpitations, allergies, injuries, PMS, anxiety, and many more.

In addition to Homeopathy, Elise employs Theta Healing, crystal healing, including Trinfinity 8, family constellations, and other forms of energy work as indicated.

Xanet Pailet : Sex and Intimacy Coach

Xanet Pailet

Sex and Intimacy Coach


Xanet Pailet is a former health care attorney turned sex and intimacy coach, certified sexological body worker and certified tantra educator. She works with individuals and couples to empower them around their sexuality and strengthen relationship and intimacy skills. She is particularly passionate about working with women who have shame and wounding around their sexuality. She helps them re-claim their pleasure and transform their lives.  Connect with her at www.powerofpleasure.com

Hannah Romanowsky : M.A. Womens Dance

Hannah Romanowsky

M.A. Womens Dance

(415) 794-7463


As a professional dance artist and educator, Hannah Romanowsky has studied, performed, and taught sacred and women’s dances from the Eastern world for over 15 years. Her heart-centered dance practice and extensive background in cross-cultural expressive arts informs her understanding of dance, music, and ritual as spiritual tools that enhance self-nurturance, emotional integration, feminine embodiment, and creativity through playful self-expression. Hannah received her M.A. from the California Institute of Integral Studies in East-West Psychology and B.A. from San Francisco State University in Dance Ethnology and World Music. www.soulbounty.com

Jasmine Smith :

Jasmine Smith

Jasmine's background in women's health care, catapulted her into holistic alternatives after the disconnect she saw working as a medical assistant, leading her to therapeutic hypnosis, energy work, meditation and yoga. Jasmine incorporates these various techniques and tools into her therapeutic healing practice. Jasmine hopes to bring awareness to the power each and every person has available to them. Words have power, thoughts have power, by choosing the right words and thoughts you get to aid in your own restoration and you get to choose the state of your body, mind and health!

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